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When it comes to vehicle wear and tear, your car tyres are in a league of their own. A properly-fitted tyre with ample tread depth is essential to your safety whenever you or your family make a journey. So making sure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure, and are not over-worn is a potentially life-saving check for any driver.

How do I know if my tyres need replacing?

The law in the UK states that your tyres must have a minimum of 1.6mm tread across 75% of the wheel surface. Driving your car with tread worn beyond this limit is an offence, and could land you with a nasty fine (£2,500 per tyre!). But more importantly, your safety is potentially at risk if your tyres don’t meet this requirement. Most tyres have wear-indicators, which become apparent when the limit has been reached. Alternatively, you can buy a simple tread gauge from most forecourts, so we strongly advice that you keep one handy, and make checks on a regular basis.

Your tyres can be damaged in other ways too; if there is a rip or tear measuring in excess of 25mm, or if the cords or ply of the tyre are visible, it will need replacing. The law also states that your car tyres should be of a certain size and type for the car you are driving. You should also know that the law forbids having two separate types of tyre on either side of your axle. If in doubt, ask Alan or any member of the team at Marlborough Motors to check that your car conforms to legal standards

How do I replace my tyres?

Changing a vehicle’s tyres requires a specialised machine, and once the tyres are fitted, the wheels will need balancing. We offer all of these services in our fully-equipped garge in Audenshaw, Tameside.

Despite the legal limit being 1.6mm, once the tread on your tyres is below 3mm, you may start to experience long braking distances. So we always advise replacing your tyres sooner rather than later, if your budget allows.

We’ll recommend and the perfect tyres to match your car – and your budget.

If you would like to book in for some new car tyres, or would simply like to know more, you can contact our Audenshaw garage on 0161 335 9297.





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